Abandoning the Conceit of Self

In today’s Pali exercise, the Buddha points out that longing for anything — even for the spiritual life — merely reinforces the delusion of self:
“Kathañca, bhikkhave, bhikkhu patilīno hoti? Idha, bhikkhave, bhikkhuno asmimāno pahīno hoti ucchinnamūlo tālāvatthukato anabhāvaṃkato āyatiṃ anuppādadhammo. Evaṃ kho, bhikkhave, bhikkhu patilīno hoti. Panuṇṇapaccekasacco, bhikkhave, bhikkhu ‘samavayasaṭṭhesano passaddhakāyasaṅkhāro patilīno’ti vuccatī”ti.
Kāmesanā bhavesanā, brahmacariyesanā saha.
Iti saccaparāmāso, diṭṭhiṭṭhānā samussayā.
Sabbarāgavirattassa, taṇhakkhayavimuttino.
Sanā paṭinissaṭṭhā, diṭṭhiṭṭhānā samūhatā.
Sa ve santo sato bhikkhu, passaddho aparājito.
Mānābhisamayā buddho, patilīnoti vuccatī”ti
Bhikkhus, how is a bhikkhu withdrawn? When a bhikkhu has abandoned the conceit of self, destroyed it at its root, uprooted it, caused it to utterly cease so that it cannot arise again; indeed, in this way a bhikkhu is withdrawn. A bhikkhu who has driven away clinging to truths and calmed bodily fabrications is called “withdrawn.”
When there is longing for pleasure, longing to be, longing for the spiritual life,
Attachment to truths and reliance on the appearance of forms endures.
Detaching from all desires, released from bodily cravings
Abandoning longing, uprooting reliance on the appearance of forms,
That indeed is a mindful bhikkhu, calmed, unconquered.
Fully understanding the evil of comparison, one who is awake is called “withdrawn.”
Patilīna Sutta, AN 4.38


One comment

  1. Buddha’s teaching is an universal teaching.it is for all Humanbeing.so Buddhisim is different from other religions.When other religions teaching about God and his family but Buddhisim teaching about human behavior for Nirwan of each.So I like Buddhism.

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