Pali Text

Making an “I”

The Buddha explains the deeper problem with comparing ourselves to others in today’s Pali exercise:
“Ahaṅkārapasutāyaṃ pajā, paraṃkārūpasaṃhitā.
Etadeke nābbhaññaṃsu, na naṃ sallanti addasuṃ.
“Etañca sallaṃ paṭikacca passato.
Ahaṃ karomīti na tassa hoti.
Paro karotīti na tassa hoti.
“Mānupetā ayaṃ pajā, mānaganthā mānavinibaddhā.
Diṭṭhīsu sārambhakathā, saṃsāraṃ nātivattatī”ti

Humans are busy making an “I,” and thus make “other.”
Some don’t see the foolishness of this, nor do they see the arrow in it.
For those who see the arrow in advance,
There is no making an “I;”
What’s more, there is no making “other.”
This human race is possessed by comparisons, bound by comparisons, tied to comparisons.
Angrily debating their views, they never get beyond endless wandering.
Udana 6.6


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