Pali Text

Ocean of Tears

How long have you suffered? Long enough to know better, the Buddha says in today’s Pali exercise:

Etadeva, bhikkhave, bahutaraṃ yaṃ vo iminā dīghena addhunā sandhāvataṃ saṃsarataṃ amanāpasampayogā manāpavippayogā kandantānaṃ rodantānaṃ assu passannaṃ paggharitaṃ, na tveva catūsu mahāsamuddesu udakaṃ…

Taṃ kissa hetu? Anamataggoyaṃ, bhikkhave, saṃsāro. Pubbā koṭi na paññāyati avijjānīvaraṇānaṃ sattānaṃ taṇhāsaṃyojanānaṃ sandhāvataṃ saṃsarataṃ. Yāvañcidaṃ, bhikkhave, alameva sabbasaṅkhāresu nibbindituṃ, alaṃ virajjituṃ, alaṃ vimuccitun ti.

Indeed, bhikkhus, the tears you have shed in ages of passing through, wandering on, united to the awful, separated from the pleasing, weeping, lamenting, is greater than the water in the four great oceans…

Why? From an unknown beginning, bhikkhus, is this wandering on.  We cannot see when beings hindered by ignorance and attached to the fetters of craving began this passing through, this wandering on. Time enough, bhikkhus, to weary of every sort of conditioned thing, time enough to become detached, time enough to be released.

SN 15.3


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