To See the Buddha

“yojanasate cepi so, bhikkhave, bhikkhu vihareyya. so ca hoti anabhijjhālu kāmesu na tibbasārāgo abyāpannacitto apaduṭṭhamanasaṅkappo upaṭṭhitassati sampajāno samāhito ekaggacitto saṃvutindriyo; atha kho so santikeva mayhaṃ, ahañca tassa. taṃ kissa hetu? dhammaṃ hi so, bhikkhave, bhikkhu passati; dhammaṃ passanto maṃ passatī”ti. etamatthaṃ bhagavā avoca. tatthetaṃ iti vuccati —
“anubandhopi ce assa, mahiccho ca vighātavā.
ejānugo anejassa, nibbutassa anibbuto.
giddho so vītagedhassa, passa yāvañca ārakā.
“yo ca dhammamabhiññāya, dhammamaññāya paṇḍito.
rahadova nivāte ca, anejo vūpasammati.
“anejo so anejassa, nibbutassa ca nibbuto.
agiddho vītagedhassa, passa yāvañca santike”ti.

Even if a bhikkhus lives seven hundred miles away, if he is not greedy for physical pleasure, if his mind has not sunken into strong infatuations,  if he does not grow angry or foster evil intentions, but has developed mindfulness, is thoughtful, composed, has a tranquil heart and controlled senses – that one is close to me, right next to me.  And why is this? Because that bhikkhu sees the Dhamma. One who sees the Dhamma sees me.

One who is in bondage is greedy and distressed.
How far away is the one plagued by craving from the one freed from craving;
The liberated one from the one still burning,
The greedy one from the one freed from greed!
But the wise one who understands the Dhamma, who ponders the Dhamma,
The one free of lust is tranquil, like a lake sheltered from the wind.
How near is the desireless to the one freed from craving,
The liberated one to the liberated,
The greedless one to the one freed from greed!

Saṅghāṭikaṇṇa Suttaṃ (KN 4.92)



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